Animations On Scroll in Carrd

& How to implement them?

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  • Add 2 new Embed elements. It doesn’t matter where you place them. Though, my suggestion is to put them inside the very bottom container, so it doesn’t interfere with your editing later on.
  • In the first Embed element, set the Type to Code, Style (from Inline) to HiddenHead and inside Code field paste this:
  • In the second Embed element, set the Type to Code, Style (from Inline) to HiddenBody End, and inside Code field paste this:

Let’s animate now!

Good news! With AOS you can animate not only an entire container, but also a one specific element alone. This means that an element can perform a completely different action than a container it’s in.

  • Each container & element has a Settings tab. Each Settings tab has an Element tab, and each Element tab has THE Attributes field (see below).

In the Attributes field you can set a type of an animation, as well as adjust the behaviour of that animation.


Most of them are pretty self explanatory, but if you want to understand them in more depth, as well as understand the types of animations you can use in your project, learn more by clicking here.

Once you’ve pasted all the desired attributes, publish the project and refresh the page to see the set animation:

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The creator of AOS Library — Michał Sajnóg

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